Bio | Jack Campitelli ~ Founder and Producer/Engineer

Jack Campitelli began his music career in 1980, playing guitar for various bands in his hometown outside Pittsburgh. He stayed active in the music scene when he moved to Columbus a few years later, playing guitar for a variety of Columbus-area bands through the early '90s.

An interest in the technical aspect of music drove Jack to investigate what happens behind the scenes, and in 1984 he began his audio engineering career. Over the next few years he made a name for himself doing live sound for local bands, worked as the house sound engineer for the Newport Music Hall, and then as a staff engineer for WLVQ-FM 96 and 610 WTVN radio. At the same time, Jack was further developing his skills recording various local bands in his basement studio.

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, Jack worked as an electrical engineer by day and live audio engineer by night while the idea of building a recording studio began to germinate. By 2003, Jack was able to leave his day job to pursue the dream of Fishtank Audio. However, his professional engineering experience has proved invaluable, allowing him to add a technical aspect to his diverse musical talents and audio engineering experience.

Jack has also been able to leverage his technical skills into an in-depth understanding of musical gear. In addition to keeping his vintage amps and collection of guitars in perfect working order, he has done custom modifications for several of his guitar amplifiers and built some of his own microphone preamplifiers and D.I. Interfaces.

Throughout his career Jack has toured with several signed bands and has made a name for himself as one of the preeminent live sound engineers in central Ohio. His career highlights include wining the 2006 IBMA Album of the Year award presented at the Grand Ole Opry, in addition to working with national acts including the Foo Fighters, Warren Zevon, Gov't Mule, Howlin' Maggie, The Derek Trucks Band, and The Rembrandts. He has also worked with some of central Ohio's top acts such as The Hoodoo Soul Band, Fall of Man, Fat Dog, and Digital Black.

As he builds his Fishtank Audio client base, Jack has found his diverse background and love of music allow him to give his clients a unique perspective and invaluable creative input.

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